Sri Durga Prasad Public School

Shamli, Uttar Pradesh View Map

Sri Durga Prasad Public School is a middle school (from kindergarten to grade VIII), located on Budhana Road, Shamli, U.P., India. It currently has 598 students and 25 teachers. The students come from suburban or rural background and the parents typically do small-scale jobs including manual labor. The school charges bare minimum fee varying from Rs 300 to Rs 450 per month and teachers get a salary of Rs 3000 to 10000. More school pictures can be found here.

Contact: h. V.K. Mittal, Principal, Shamli Maharshtra, India Phone: 91-9410652614

Scholarship Project

FINITE started scholarship program in this school in 2018, by giving scholarship to top two needy students from each grade from V to VIII. FINITE plans to engage 8 students per year from this school and also create education related infrastructure in the school.

Year 2017-2018