Snehapriya English Medium School

Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh View Map

Snehapriya English Medium School is located in the small village of Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh. Currently it has about 180 students enrolled in grade I to VII. These students come from the families of poor farmers or agricultural labourers in rural areas. Most of the students live within a 25 km radius of the school. The school gets no government funding and survives solely on meager fees it collects from the students. The school has 9 teachers. Further details of the school can be found here.

Contact: Sh. Bhushan Lal Sharma, Principal G.T. Road, Kartarpur, Dist. Jalandhar, Punjab, India Phone: 91-181-2782252, 91-9888764311

Scholarship Project

In August 2010, FINITE funded scholarships for 4 needy students from grade V to grade VIII. Finite partnered with local volunteers at Puttaparthi to identify these students and monitor their progress over the past year.