Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Vidyalaya

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Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri School started about 20 years ago in a suburb of Latur in Maharashtra. Currently it has about 1600 students enrolled in grades I to XII. These students come from the families of poor farmers or agricultural laborers. The school gets government funding and collects a small amount of tuition fees from the students. The school has about 40 teachers. Further details of the school can be found here.

Contact: h. M.R. Ghodke, Principal, Latur Maharshtra, India Phone: 91-9422940494 or Sh. S.M Dawangire Phone: 91-9890731235

Scholarship Project

In August 2003, FINITE started the scholarship program in this school by providing scholarships to 12 meritorious students from grade V to grade XII. Scholarships were given to those students who either secured first or second ranks in their class. Since then we have been distributing scholarships every year.

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Year 2011-2012

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Year 2007-2008

Library and Laboratory Project

In November 2006, FINITE started a library in this school with 120 books, 20 charts, dictionaries and a globe atlas. The books and charts were chosen from the areas of science, literature, history, general knowledge and mathematics. Special emphasis was laid on the learning of English language.

Year 2010-2011

Other Support

Every year FINITE provides support to those children who come from very poor background. In Latur school, FINITE has been providing school uniforms as a part of the support.

Year 2013-2014

Year 2010-2011