Divya Darshan Junior High School

Shikarpur, Uttar Pradesh View Map

Divya Darshan Junior High School started about two years ago in a small village of Shikarpur in Uttar Pradesh. Currently it has about 200 students enrolled in grade I to IX. These students come from the families of poor farmers or agricultural labourers in rural areas. The students walk up to 4 km to reach the school. The school gets no government funding and survives solely on meager fees it collects from the students. The school has 10 teachers. Further details of the school can be found here.

Contact: Sh. Chaman Lal Saini, Principal Shikarpur, Dist. Budhana, Uttar Pradesh, India Phone: 91-9758137730

Scholarship Project

In August 2006, FINITE distributed scholarship to 16 meritorious students from grade V to grade VIII. Scholarships were given to those students who either secured first or second ranks in their class, or secured top marks in English or Mathematics subjects.

Library and Laboratory Project

In November 2006, FINITE started a library in Divya Darshan Junior High School with 120 books, 20 charts and a globe atlas. The books and charts were chosen from the areas of science, literature, history, general knowledge and mathematics. Special emphasis was laid on the learning of English language. For this, four dictionaries were given to the library. In November 2006, a laboratory was also started to complement theoretical learning with hands-on experimental learning. The laboratory included instruments for conducting experiments on light, heat, sound, mechanics, electronics etc. A letter from school indicating all the library books and charts, and laboratory equipment can be found here.