Science Laboratory Project

Infinite Aim

To provide scientific equipment to rural and sub-urban schools to augment the theoretical learning with experiment-based learning to attain the following goals:

  1. To promote hands-on and enquiry-based knowledge in rural students.
  2. To encourage student-centered teaching approaches.
  3. To develop criticial thinking and scientific temper in students.
I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand
A Chinese Proverb

Finite Steps

The science project is currently being implemented in the following school:


The science lab is targeted for students above grade V. At first, a list of possible equipment is requested from the school. Since the aim is to augment theoretical learning with experiments, focus is centered around the equipment related to the course work. The principal, in consultation with the concerned science teachers, prepares a list of desired equipment. This list is then reviewed by a committee of FINITE members and a set of approved list is provided to the school, which may also contain equipment outside the list, as deemed necessary by the committee. The science teachers are encouraged to demonstrate scientific experiment to the children while teaching related topics in the class. To ensure proper utilization, the school is required to modify the science examination by including a certain percentage for testing the experimental knowledge.