Scholarship Project

Infinite Aim

To award scholarships to poor and meritorious students from as many rural and/or sub-urban schools. This is intended to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. To act as a catalyst to increase self-confidence in these children
  2. To reduce the school drop-out cases by convincing the parents of the value of education through recognition of their child's achievement
  3. To help the students meet their educational expenses

Finite Steps

The scholarship projects are currently being implemented at the following places:


Schools that are mostly attended by children from underprivileged sections from rural or sub-urban areas are chosen for this project. The parents of these children usually work as laborer, farmer, dairy-tender etc. Students from Class V onwards are selected for the scholarship award. There are two types of scholarship programs being implemented currently:

  1. General Scholarship: Two top ranking students are chosen from each class for the general scholarship award.
  2. Subject scholarship: From every class, top ranking students are chosen in English, Mathematics and Science for the subject scholarship award.

Library Enhancement

To increase the variety of books and other material in the library, it is suggested to conduct book drives in the local area. Individual subscription will also be accepted to fund a periodical or specific library material.


  1. School Information Form: The school information form (doc, pdf) is used to collect general information about a school on the basis of which the executive committee decides whether the school should be selected for any project.
  2. Student Information Form: Once a school is selected, every student of the school, who fulfills the criterion of the scholarship award, must fill the student information form (doc, pdf). This form gives the personal and educational details of a student.
  3. Scholarship Award Form: Each school must fill the scholarship award form (doc, pdf) in the beginning of a school year providing the details of the meritorious students. This form also provides details about the scholarship amount.