Mentorship Project

Infinite Aim

The purpose of this program is to have in each school an easily accessible person, who can serve as a mentor to the FINITE students and provide progress reports on them. This person shall also be responsible for monitoring infrastructure-related FINITE activities in the school.

Finite Steps

The mentorship project is currently being implemented at the following places:

Responsibilities of the FINITE Mentor

  1. Mentoring the children
    Conducting 4 bimonthly meetings per school year
    • Talking about the importance of education and giving valid examples
    • Filling out the Student Status Report for each child
    • Encouraging the students to communicate with one another during and after the meetings
  2. Mentor communication with the FINITE members
    • Mailing FINITE the filled out Student Status Report after each bimonthly meeting
    • Mailing FINITE the assignment portion of Vivek-Jyoti (a FINITE publication) completed by students
  3. Local monitor of infrastructure projects
    Monitoring the status of any infrastructure projects such as library, and computer and science lab
  4. Encouraging parental involvement
    Encouraging parental involvement in child's education by setting up meetings with the parents


Student Status Report (doc, pdf): To be filled by the mentor during bimonthly meetings and mailed to local FINITE member