Library Project

Infinite Aim

To develop libraries in all rural and sub-urban schools which are deprived of it. This is intended to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. To provide access to a wide variety of information to all the students of a school to enhance their linguistic, scientific, civic and cultural understanding.
  2. To encourage students to develop reading habit beyond their curriculum.
  3. To motivate students to explore new ideas by opening the windows to information.

Finite Steps

The library project is currently being implemented at the following places:


Schools from India that are mostly from rural or sub-urban areas which are attended by children from underprivileged sections are chosen for this project. To open a new library, initially study material worth up to Rs. 10,000 is procured, which includes:

  1. Atlases and educational charts
  2. Dictionaries
  3. Newspapers and magazines
  4. Literature and Biographies
  5. Informational comic books

To ensure proper utilization of the library, schools are actively encouraged to include library studies as a part of the curriculum for all the students above class V. The proposed FINITE guidelines for library usage can be found here (doc, pdf).

Library Enhancement

To increase the variety of books and other material in the library, it is suggested to conduct book drives in the local area. Individual subscription will also be accepted to fund a periodical or specific library material.


School Information Form: The school information form (doc, pdf) is used to collect general information about a school on the basis of which the executive committee decides whether the school should be selected for any project.