To meet the objectives of FINITE, our methodology currently comprises the following steps:

  • Awarding scholarships to students from poor rural or suburban schools on a merit-plus-need basis.
  • Supporting very poor children in the above mentioned schools with financial grants.
  • Creating an infrastructure supporting the overall growth of the students in those schools . Examples of such an infrastructure include the development of experimental science labs, computer labs, sports infrastructure, and some other bare infrastructure, e.g. simple furniture, restrooms, etc.
  • Disseminating general knowledge information about India and the world and about nature through a regular FINITE newsletter. The newsletter also aims to build general and basic skills in the arts and sciences, in addition to the encouragement of ethical development in the students.
  • Increasing the general awareness of the students and teachers about their respective rights and responsibilities.
  • Providing children with good role models and motivating them by inviting various experts to give presentations and demonstrations.
  • Interacting with students on a periodic basis through mail/e-mail in order to encourage them to think positive and to provide them with solutions to personal and study-related problems, whenever possible.